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for an arraignment. >>> afghan president hamid karzai has a meeting with president obama at the white house in just a for you hours. they will discuss the role that the united states will play in afghanistan following next year's pullout. the u.s. is considering keeping some troops but their role is not clear. karzai met with pentagon chief leon panetta yesterday and spent part of the afternoon at the pentagon's 9-11 memorial. >> lawmakers are leading the push but the commonwealth isn't the only spot in the running either. we'll have more on that. >> we've got clouds moving in overnight and eventually some rain showers will be with us here by afternoon. i think the morning commute will be dry. i'll have more details on the forecast and julie wright has your traffic and more coming up after the break. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the big hot pastrami melt. we perfected the pastrami sandwich -- filled with hot, juicy pastrami, pickles, yellow mustard and bubbly melted cheese. all piled-high on our signature freshly baked bread. made hot, toasty and just for you. and don't be af
in president obama's cabinet decides to hang up the cleats. meanwhile, the white house tries to frame this story. frame is a purposely chosen word. and makes a pr fumble. >> tonight the one and only suspect in the benghazi attack was released. a militant group met him with a celebration. >>> and steroids. have they changed the way baseball sends players to the hall of fame? today, one man who voted against huge stars, clemens, bonds, we're talking about you. he says yes. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase. [ male announcer ] how do you make 70,000 trades a second... ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it.
it back? a source tells cnn, president obama will nominate white house chief of staff to succeed timothy geithner. >>> a hero's welcome for a suspected terrorist. the only person jailed in connection with last september's deadly attack in benghazi is now free. and there is new video we want to show you. so this is his release. authorities released him. it's been posted on facebook. he was greeted by what we are told, members of the militant group ansar al sharia, who welcomed and embraced him. brian todd is "outfront." what more can you tell us about this video? >> the timing of its release is curious here. we're trying to figure why it was released this week because this week, this man was released in tunisa. he is the only known suspect in relation to the attack. he's a tunisian man, the tunisians released him from custody this week, citing a lack of evidence. lo and behold, after his release, this video you mentioned is posted on a facebook page of that group. now, that group as you said, is a known militant group. you see the people there greeting him and there is a translated piece
of staff, lou is mr. obama's budget director, a job he held in the clinton white house. >> if converged -- confirmed, i look forward to joining the treasury department whose people are legendary for their skill and knowledge. >> reporter: some republicans are skeptical saying lou was less than honest about the president's budget and its affect on the nation's debt. >> he didn't show the kind of independence and credibility we would want in that important cabinet position. >> reporter: announcing low as a replacement for timothy geitner comes a day after hilda solice announced her reputation w. hillary clinton leaving, many are questioning the lack of women in the president's cabinet. >> i don't understand this and he can't find any to be in the top senate spot? >> the list will include jack lou, chuck hagel and john brennan for cia director. craig bosswell, fox news, washington. >>> more fallout from a maryland delegate who admitted he was drinking while driving a boat. don dwyer will no longer serve on the house judiciary committee. he's been reassigned to the house ways and means comm
on whether president obama or house speaker john boehner did a better job with the last one. president obama clearly has the upper hand. 53% approved the president's handling of the fiscal cliff negotiations. only 40% disapproved. for boehner, it's the reverse. only 30% approve. 56% of voters disapprove. meanwhile, congress is getting poll numbers that really nobody would want. americans have a higher opinion of root canals than of congress. the public also has a higher opinion of used car salesmen, head lice, cockroaches, traffic joms, and donald trump. however, congress did score a little better than telemarketers, communism and gonorrhea. it's kind of funny, but unfortunately speaker boehner pulls the strings of government. and today we learned that the united states government may reach the debt ceiling earlier than expected, possibly as soon as february 15th. speaker boehner even floated the idea of having monthly debt ceiling increases in a recent "wall street journal" article. as think progress points out, maybe he got the idea from grover norquist. >> they can give him debt ceiling i
brennan to the helm the cia. they appeared with obama on monday at the white house. >> am also grateful for opportunity to help continue to strengthen our country and our alliances. in advance global freedom, decency, humanity. as we help build a better world for all mankind. i will always do my best for our country, for those are represented at the pentagon, and for all our citizens. >> if confirmed as director, i will make my mission to ensure the cia has the tools it needs to keep our nation safe and that its work always reflects the liberties, the freedoms, and the values that we hold so dear. >> senator hagel has faced criticism from rightwing foes over his positions on israel and dealing with iran, as well as from progressive critics for making day -- denigrating comments in 1998 about gays in government, for which only recently apologized. some democrats have joined republicans in opposing him over his refusal to back unconditional support for israeli government policies. on monday, the ranking democrat at the house foreign affairs committee, eliot engel of new york, said he beli
the bypasser in chief? the white house is making it crystal clear that president obama could bypass congress and everything from the debt ceiling to gun control. for starters, vice-president biden saying today the president may impose gun control with an executive order. former speaker of the house, newt gingrich joins us, nice to see you, sir. >> good to be with you. i have to say, you have the most amazing program tonight that i can remember. >> greta: it's quite vast and varied let's say. >> remarkable. >> greta: don't want to miss any of it. and don't want to miss you either. tell me, the vice-president says the president may use an executive order for -- to impose gun control. your thoughts? >> well, the president can try to do almost anything if he wants to. the question is will he get away with it? the two natural stands are first, somebody will file a lawsuit, saying that it's illegal, and unconstitutional. but second, the house republicans have an opportunity when the continuing resolution comes up at the end of the march, to simply zero out the authority, to say no money shall be s
,000 and 15,000 there in support and training roles but the obama white house is now saying that they're talking about even lower numbers about 3,000 or 4,000. there's also talk of a zero option, bringing all u.s. troops home from afghanistan but some on the ground there say that could lead to an all-out civil war and taliban takeover. as for president karzai, he said he would like to see levels around 15,000 but today suggested numbers are less important than u.s. cooperation and supplying the them with tanks and drones. how much will it all cost? already the u.s. and allies pledged $16 billion in civilian aid and military ops on top of $642 billion the u.s. spent since 9/11 and 2,100 u.s. lives lost. let's start with kristen welker. what are you hearing came out of the meeting? >> reporter: a couple of headlines out of today's meeting. the withdrawal plans have been accelerated a bit. both announcing that u.s. troops handing over control to afghan forces this spring. that is a few months earlier than expected so that means that u.s. troops will shift their role in afghanistan. they
. michael, see you tomorrow. >> thank you. >>> developing at the white house, president obama makes the choice, you probably just saw it about 12 minutes ago. the treasury official. in the last hour, the president nominated the current white house chief of staff jack lew to replace timothy geithner. >> jack has my complete trust. i know i'm not alone in that. in the words of one former senator, having lew on your team is the equivalent of a coach of having the luxury of putting somebody at almost any position and knowing he will do well. >> joining me is john harwood, a lot of nice compliments for mr. lew. we do we anticipate any trouble? we have heard one or two republicans expressing unhappiness with the selection. >> reporter: well, i just got a tweet from his former spokesman at omb which said that jack lew before the full senate for confirmation five times. not a single no vote so far. i would not expect that to be the case this time but i don't think there's a serious threat to the nomination. jack lew is confident, self effacing. he is easy to get along with. yes, a tough neg
. but when you look at his experience before he came to the government with the obama white house, he was at citi and got $1 million salary and $1 million bonus. this irks not only conservatives who think obama's being hypocritical to nominate someone this kind of banking background after wagging his finger at the wealthy all year. but almost frustrates and infuriates the left because they would like to see someone more progressive in the treasury role. >> more progressive. but what about this? he was the chief operating officer of a proprietary trading operation of about $54 billion. now, that has been outlawed under dodd/frank. so once again, i see hypocrisy from team obama. >> you've already seen some senators on capitol hill such as chuck grassley of iowa raise questions about what jack lew did at citi. and there's been a huffington post investigation about how lew's unit within the company was tied to hedge fund groups dealing with the mortgage market that were making bets as the mortgage market collapsed. that's going to come under scrutiny when his nomination is looked over by
within our veteran population. we have been involved with the hundred days campaign to house veterans in 2012. president obama established a goal to end veteran's homelessness by 2015 which i think is doable and the department of housing and urban development came together to establish the hud slash veterans housing program which, is models after section eight and san francisco has received 500 of the vouchers to date. we have learned that our chronically homeless veterans were having a difficult time finding apartments in the private marked in fact many veterans have had vouchers issued in 1212 and so what we have here is a situation where we have a federal agency, the mayor's office and housing authority and human services agency who have focused to encourage private landlords to provide housing for these veteran and is a few months ago one of those landlords the owner of 2524 mission street came forward to offer to least his 33 stew apartments which are above the restaurant on joule which, is now the -- restaurant to least those apartments to veterans who have those vouchers and
this morning, who's in and who's out at the obama white house. find out why hilda solis is leaving and why jack lew's signature may soon be seen just about anywhere. i think i'm going to do something like that with my signature. >> you can't tell me you can find a letter in that. that's just a quick little doodle to get through. and more shuffling at the white house. then we'll turn to pro baseball's decision to nominate nobody to the hall of fame this year. it's stirring up a debate over three famous players who got in the middle of a performance enhancing drug scandal. >> my, my. >>> and just hours before the oscars nominations are announced, the people's choice awards were given out. wait until you see the breakup dress taylor swift was showing off last night. it is something to behold. >> between the race and her multiple relationships now, i think he's beginning to do that whole britney thing where she's shedding the whole good girl thing. >> the dress makes sense. it's a sort of in your face dress. >>> the flu outbreak has gotten so bad that the city of boston has declared a public emerge
-to-just add about mr. brennan, who's a fascinating figure the obama white house and really had been more powerful than any counterterrorism chief than i can ever remember. in fact, more powerful than most white house staffers that i could ever remember. i think this is going to be a tricky transition for a couple of reasons. the first is that mr. brennan has been deeply involved in the formulation of policy. and at the c.i.a., he is essentially supposed to be barred from being involved in policy, he's just supposed to give the intelligence and the analysis. the second is that mike mor rell who stood up with him in the white house at the east room today and i went over the the announcement it was quite touching to see how mr. morrell, who had been the other contender for job introduceed mr. brennan and said much about him. but i think if you ask people inside the agency, mr. morrell was very much, i think, their sort of home favorite because he had come up out of the analytic division and has been sort of a calming force in his time there. so it's not entirely clear to me that this is goi
meeting with afghan president hamid karzai in the white house, president obama made it clear the war is ending. the american war. and it's ending sooner than was previously planned. let's listen. >> let me say it as plainly as i can, starting this spring, our troops will have a different mission, training, advising, assisting afghan forces. make no mistake, our path is clear and we are moving forward. every day more afghans are stepping up and taking responsibility for their own security, and as they do, our troops will come home. and next year this long war will come to a responsible end. >> no doubt it's still a messy path and that end if afghanistan is ready to take over its own security. that's the question. what role will the taliban plal in the future of that country. and what role will the united states play after we end our combat mission? how many troops will we keep behind in afghanistan to keep that country secure if we can? jim moran is a democrat congressman from virginia and westmore is a retired army captain and author of "the other wes moore. i guess the question come
, president obama meets with afghan president hamid karzai at the white house, and one thing is clear, we're getting out of afghanistan, and we're getting out sooner rather than later. and you're watching "hardball," the place for politics. new prily is the same frequent heartburn treatment as prilosec otc. now with a fancy coating that gives you a burst of wildberry flavor. now why make a flavored heartburn pill? because this is america. and we don't just make things you want, we make things you didn't even know you wanted. like a spoon fork. spray cheese. and jeans made out of sweatpants. so grab yourself some new prilosec otc wildberry. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. i wish my patients could see what i see. ♪ that over time, having high cholesterol and any of these risk factors can put them at increased risk for plaque buildup in their arteries. so it's even more important to lower their cholesterol, and that's why, when diet and exercise alone aren't enough, i prescribe crestor. in a clinical trial vers
calendars. we have a date now for president obama's state of the union address. house speaker john boehner invited the president to address a joint session of congress on tuesday, february 12th, a date the white house has accepted. in his invitation boehner says the country has immense challenges and will require a willingness to seek common ground. that's a message boehner might want to pass on to his own party as well i'd say. we'll be right back. >>> welcome back to "hardball." as vice president biden wraps up his week of meetings with stakeholders in the gun debate, outlines of biden's task force proposals are beginning to take shape. universal background checks for gun purchasers, limits on ammunition, stronger mental health checks for gun buyers, and even a report in today's "washington post" that senator barbara boxer presented a plan to the vice president to make federal funds available for schools that do want to hire police officers. next it will be president obama's turn to act on the recommendations of biden's task force. is the time now for big change, including a reinstatemen
in the 2010 disaster. >>> president obama is expected to nominate his white house chief of staff as the next u.s. treasury secretary. jack lew has extensive public and private sector experience including budget director for presidents obama and bill clinton. he's also known for his thorough knowledge of the federal budget. an announcement is possible before the end of the week. >>> stip college of san francisco is hoping for a deadline extension to maintain its accreditation. the school has until march 15th to come up with a plan to fix financial problems. but officials say there are some issues that will require more time to work through. the school has already made several changes, including the hiring of more experienced leaders and improving its budget management. >>> today, san jose planners will decide if the location of a newly approved charter school plan fits with city goals. council members gave their approval yesterday for the rocket ship education charter element school on lick avenue. it would also provide a park and a playground for the area. some residents are opposed to the pla
lew, was the budget director for president clinton. here at the obama white house for all these major budget fights he has been at the president's side. >> over the past year i've sought jack's advice on virtually every decision that i have made from economic policy to foreign policy. now one reason jack has been so effective in this town because he is a low-key guy who prefers to surround himself with policy experts rather than television cameras. and over the years he has built a reputation as a master of policy who can work with members of the both parties and forge principled compromises. >> republicans have another take on that reputation. this from senator orrin hatch of utah saying since mr. lou participated in numerous budget negotiations with congress and with four consecutive years of over a trillion dollar deficits, the american people deserve to know, not only that this nominee is qualified for the job, but also what policies the white house supports, to get federal spending under control. senator mike lee, another republican adding the nomination virtually guaranties the
: president obama meeting with hamid karzai at the white house. speeding the drawdown of u.s. troops and transfer of the responsibility for afghan troops. changing the mission by the spring to a support role for u.s. troops. asked about the number of troops on the ground after 2014, president eric karros saicaris --karzai said this. >> numbers won't make a difference to the administration in afghanistan. >> so what about this? politics and policy? bring in the panel. jonah goldberg of national review online. kirsten powers for daily beast. syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. jonah, what you heard today, what came out of it? >> i don't what we heard will make compilation of great speeches by american president. it's hard to imagine anyone pumping their fist in the air, human endeavor and we didn't accomplish anything. but that said, this is -- this is base lick, this is afgha afghannization. like vietnamization to the vietnam war. we have been watching it roll out for a couple of years now. the supporters of the policy say there is no support for the war. that's true. obama made
yesterday at the white house. mr. obama says he awaits recommendations from the pentagon and commanders on the ground as to what kind of military footprint the u.s. will have in afghanistan in the near term and after 2014. but it will be this spring, not the summer or later in the year, as previously was discussed by the obama administration, that afghan forces will take the lead for security in all of their country. u.s. troops will step back into an advising and assisting role. >> our forces are still in harm's way, but make no mistake, our path is clear and we are moving forward because after more than a decade of war, the nation we need to rebuild is our own. >> the white house has left open the possibility that the u.s. may not leave any troops in afghanistan. arthel? >> arthel: molly henneberg, thank you very much for that report from washington. >> rick: fox news extreme weather alert. powerful winter storm in southern california practically bring life there to a near halt. a vital highway cut off by ice and snow this week is now open again. folks there nowhere near out of the wo
the bloodshed. >> reporting on a violent day in pakistan. barack obama announced he is nominating the white house chief of staff as america opposing new treasury secretary. saying he has his complete trust. he will replace timothy geithner that does not wish to serve a second term. the vice president continued his meetings on how to curb gun violence in america. he wants to give his proposals to president obama by tuesday of next week. he said why it is important act now. >> nothing that has gotten to the heart of the matter more than the visual image of six year-old kids riddle. not shot with a stray bullet, but rattled. >> of the comments came on the same day that a student was shot and wounded at a california high school where another was taken into custody. for more, the vice president was meeting in the white house as we were getting news that there was yet another school shooting, and there is a real sense of urgency that is still there. >> we saw president obama after the shooting a visibly upset, saying he would use the power of his office to act on gun- control and do it quickly. h
. an issue obama is sticking his neck out for for the first time really in his white house tenure. this has not been an issue that has treated democrats well at the polls. i'm wondering if there is any concerns from 2014 from a democratic leadership perspective because obama is lame duck he doesn't have to werery about it but you do. >> i think we should take it straight on just the way the president and vice president said. law abiding gun owners don't like what happened in connecticut. they don't like what happened in colorado. they don't like what they see happening today. so it's not just folks who are concerned as i am living in a big city of the level of gun violence. we need to prevent that gun violence and we could take some very sensible measures to do that which gun owners support. gun owner, even those who are members of the nra, support background checks to make sure that violent criminals, people who have severe mental disabilities aren't getting their hands on guns that we don't know about. most americans support closing the gun show loopholes which allows people to purchase w
political acrobatics, president obama stands accused of having a white house cabinet that's too male. our first half black president who gave us our first hispanic supreme court justice and our first openly transgendered political appointee is being slammed by republicans and the republicans for only naming male secretaries. it has been tough on the president's image and in fact here's the image right now. this picture from the white house web site has been making obama and his senior advisers look like the 30-year reunion of the omega theta pi fraternity house. there's valerie jarrett right there. is this a hiccup in the advance of diversity and is it fair of republicans of all people to criticize president obama on a lack of diversity? >> pot calling the kettle white. >> let the man speak! >> john: rachel sklar yannis pappas and -- >> it is not fair that women have to wait to to be acknowledged when photos come out that are 100% white and women say hey just happened to let you know the ratio might be a bit off. people are like oh, what about this bean counting? i ran an organization so
holmes will have to enter a plea. >> president obama will host hamid karzai at the white house today. there was a dinner last night with secretary of state hillary clinton. they will discuss the continuing transition out of afghanistan. >> 5:09. with his hat to keep up with the current trends -- we just have to keep up with the current trends. >> job cuts in the travel service business. ready to pay big bucks for chicken wings if you're hosting a super bowl party. >> some closures in effect at route 97 because of an route 97 because of an accident. >> now insta-weather plus and traffic pulse 11 together. >> good morning. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. we're dealing with an accident in howard county. route 97 at old liberty, we have some closures in effect. there could be delays as a result. 795 problem free in towards the beltway. 55 at the beltway. 55 from harford over to the harrisburg expressway. 65 on the southbound harrisburg expressway. shawan road shows very light all the way down to the beltway. 50 on the j.f.x. at coldspring. the speech continued down towar
will present hid recommendations to president obama on tuesday. >>> today, speak of of the house, john boehner, invited president obama to deliver the state of the union on february 12th. now, on to that story about the wales we told you about. >>> some good news, the whales were trapped underneath ice in canada and they're out of harm's way at least for now, the ice has shifted and the waters have opened up. scientists say shifting winds may have pushed the ice out of the way. the whales aren't out of the woods yet. the ice couldn'ts to so they could get trapped elsewhere. >> could that mean a warmup in that area? tom is getting on me for saying it's feeling warmer here already. it's just a suggestion. but i'm jumping the gun, not until tomorrow? >>> snow lovers and snow haters are crying. both of them. and some of them are crying tears of. >>>. some of them are crying hot tears of despair. we haven't really had any snow to speak of so far this winter and it doesn't look like much on the way either. but it is snowing hard in eastern canada and they're hit with a major blizzard in st. john's n
morning washington." >> president obama dealing with more cabinet changes. secretary of laborer hilda solis plans to resign. she was the nation's first hispanic labor secretary. the white house released a statement calling derek parr her a tireless champion for working families. president obama is expected to nominate white house chief of staff jack lew as secretary of the treasury. he's known as a tough bargainer. some republicans complained that he has been too unyielding on negotiations. his signature will have to be emblazoned on u.s. dollar bills. but you might not be able to read it because his signature is notoriously illegible. >> virginia governor bob mcdonnell urged lawmakers to implement a long-lasting transportation reforms during his state of the commonwealth address. >> we must reform and invest in transportation and infrastructure or job growth and quality family time will suffer. >> he wants to scrap the gas tax and then increase virginia's sales tax to help raise money for transportation projects. he says road maintenance costs will rise nearly $140 million a year if
: the battle over raising the debt ceiling, house democrats urge president obama to use authority the white house believes he does not have. >> congress has the responsibility and sole authority to raise debt ceiling. >> 20 house democrats sent a letter to the president about house republicans withholding support without the spending cuts and they won in the event they follow through on this reckless threat we support the use of 14th amendment. the 14th amendment says the validity of the public debt shall not be questioned. leader of the house democrats urged the white house to ignore congress in this case. >> i would do in a second. i'm not the president of the united states. >> the house republican leadership aide says democrats refuse to responsibly address the spending problem and rather than offer solutions they choose to advocate their responsibility. speaker boehner and the house g.o.p. leadership team said the debt limit must be accompanied by reform in greater amount. >> we need spending cut and real tax reform to address the long-term debt problem and pave the way for long-term gr
on curbing gun violence in the wake of recent mass shooting. >> president obama is expected to nominate white house chief of staff jack lew today as the next secretary of the treasury. he is a federal budget expert who is known as a tough bargainerring. if confirmed he takes the job as the administration is preparing for a new confrontation with congressional republicans over debt and deficit. he replaces geithner who is moving back to new york to be with his family. >> the stage is set for the hollywood award season. in an hour the oscar nominations are announced. expect historic based films to get a lot of attention with "argo" and "zero dark 30" and "lincoln" and daniel day lewis will get surely another nomination and jennifer lawrence is also up. keep it here for the oscar nominations coming up after 5:30 like here on the abc7 morning news. we will stream the announcement like at and you can see would wins on sunday, february 24 when the oscars are announced like right here on abc7. seth mcfarland is the host. >> any favorites? >> i like them all. >> so diplomatic. >> mike ni
obama prepares to hold a news conference minutes from now live from the white house. good day. i am andrea mitchell live in washington where we are awaiting hamid karzai and president obama who will be addressing reporters in the east room following their meetings on the pace of the u.s. troop withdrawals. one big disagreement? the white house suggestion this week of a zero option, a withdrawal of all u.s. troops after 2014 leaving no residual force at all, but, first, the big domestic issue here at home. what to do about gun violence. the white house is pushing back hard on suggestions that they do not believe they can win a ban on assault weapons, and are focussing on other options. in fact, a senior administration official tells me within the hour that an assault weapons ban and background checks are both going to be in the final set of proposals that go to the president despite all reports to the controversy. the nra president who met with vice president biden yesterday is drawing a hard line on assault weapons. >> we don't think that a ban on so-called assault weapons, which ha
nomination, this time it appears the white house is not backing down. this time president obama has officially nominated chuck hagel to be secretary of defense as of today. interestingly, another potential nominee for a big high profile national security job for this white house who president obama reportedly initially wanted, but who also backed off from was this guy, john brennan. this was john brennan with president obama when president obama first took office. john brennan was reportedly president obama's choice to lead the cia after he first became president in his first term. john brennan had been a career cia figure. he had served as chief of staff to george tenet when george tenet under george bush developed their torture and secret prison program. john brennan's association with the torture and secret prison program of the george bush era of the cia is what sunk his chances for being picked as director of the cia at the start of the obama presidency. it's kind of weird. it's almost a foreign concept in american modern politics that the left might block something from happen
, of course, the official end of combat operations in afghanistan. earlier this week, the white house had signalled that president obama might be open to having zero troops in afghanistan after 2014, after the joint press conference yesterday. president obama said he hasn't worked out specifically how many troops will remain in afghanistan. that's an announcement he will make in coming months. hamid karzai had signalled that he really wanted a more robust american troop presence in afghanistan after 2014. yesterday, karzai wouldn't weigh in on the numbers. critics said if there are no forces or reduced force level in afghanistan, that could leave the country vulnerable and potentially to destabilize to the point that it would be involve into civil war. real concerns about how many troops will be in country this is significant, alex. the two countries have had a tel tense relationship. they had a show of unity in the sped up process. >> a show of unity. the new gun control measures facing the white house. the vice president meeting with representatives of the video game industry. will chan
. >> [indiscernible] alle're going to talk about these things. >> thursday, president obama announced white house chief of staff jack lew to head the treasury department. he praised outgoing secretary tim geithner. if confirmed, he would take over the treasury department's before the white house and congress debates the debt ceiling. this is 15 minutes. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states accompanied by some of tim geithner and sap jack lew. >> men, everybody, please have a seat. a little more than four years ago, i stood with mr. tim geithner and denounced him as my first to my cabinet. we were barely two months into the financial crisis, the stock market have quivered, the housing market had cratered as well, a bank after bank was on the verge of collapse, and worst of all, more than 800,000 americans would lose their jobs in just a bad month. and the bottom was not yet in sight. i cannot blame tim when he told me he was not the right guy for the job. [laughter] extensivet tim's experience with economic policy made him qualified and i knew he could hit the ground running
is visiting the u.s. this week. tomorrow meeting with president obama at the white house. also tomorrow, speaking at georgetown university. that is at 5:30 p.m. eastern, and you can see it live on our companion network, c-span. >> the "washington post" recently held a forum on women. labor secretary held that silas spoke about her career from and turning in the white house during the carter administration to serving in the obama administration. since this discussion from december, the secretary announced she is leaving her post at the end of the president's first term. >> good morning, and welcome. we have a remarkable gathering of women this morning, and they are -- their personal stories and backgrounds are as varied as america itself. they come from los angeles and cleveland and baltimore. they grew up poor, not so poor, asian-american, african-american, hispanic, and white. each of them have one thing in common. they are all phenomenally successful. each rose to the top of their field, whether parts or politics or sports, and we are going to talk to them today about how they did it,
, we learned today that president obama will nominate white house chief of staff jack lew as the new treasury secretary. and his signature will appear on every bill in our wallets. but when we looked up that signature, there it is. one person described it as a slinky that lost its spring. lew says if confirmed, he'll try to improve his penmanship. >>> and, what is your monopoly identity? do you go for the scottish dog, the hat, the thimble? today, monopoly announced they'll retire one of those tokens. and we, together, get to choose which one. so, you can vote online. the betting pros, by the way, say the wheelbarrow is the most likely to go. you can also vote for a new token, either a cat, a robot, a helicopter, a guitar or a diamond ring. i liked the wheelbarrow. oh well. if you see something out there for our "instant index," be sure to tweet it to me, @dianesawyer. >>> and, coming up next here, we saw her take home gold in london. so, why was missy franklin so nervous for a high school swim meet? [ boys screaming ] hi, i just switched jobs and i want to roll over
.m. will meet with president obama at the white house for meetings. car difficult is in the united states to discuss security in afghanistan. he has a wish list of military equipment including drones and helicopters. >> traffic and weather are next on abc7 news and a like look outside at golden gate bridge right now with headlights coming into san francisco showing it is all clear with our meteorologist, mike nicco, with the full act weather forecast. we will check with the abc7 traffic center as well. >> look at this: apocalypse vision with the sky turning red over the normally sunny >> good morning, again, at 6:40 on friday. it is not freezing cold. we have to contend with the wind chill. the winds are gusting to nearly 30 miles per hour and 23 in novato. dress in layers this morning. 49 in livermore and morgan hill, the cool spots. most of us around 50 to 52 and sunny and breezy. calmer and around 50 for saturday and sunday and warmer, low-to-mid 50's on monday. >> caltrain reporting 30 to 40-minute delay for train 520 beyond,ryville because of mechanical problems and no other mass tra
house administrations, president obama is gearing up to play tough on the debt ceiling. and msnbc contributor, not a handwriting analysis expert, but we're going to ask you about it anyway. a really out john hancock for jack lew. but he's been in and out of washington for the '70s. he's been involved, jared, in balancing the budgets. as the gop is going to push for budget cuts to coincide with three more cliffs over the budget, how critical is jack lew going to be to the president in waging that fight? >> highly critical in precisely the ways you mentioned. by the way, i think it would be cool. we had that at the bottom of our currency. although i suspect he could change his signature for that. one of the things we know about jack lew is that he's been a tireless fighter to protect key areas of the budget, particularly where they affect economically vulnerable people. he's been a staunch defender of medicare, medicaid, of social security when it comes to economically vulnerable retirees. and the president has been forthright about this, a balanced plan going forward will involve s
that happen. even the presence of president obama in the white house and his family races racial questions for some people. so that while we may be on the way some day to be post racial, i think it's fair to say we're not now. >> do you have a relationship with barack obama at all? >> not really, no. >> "and justice for all," by mary francis berry. it's her most recent book. professor here at the university of pennsylvania. former chairwoman of the u.s. commission on civil rights. here's a history of the u.s. commission on civil rights. marrymary francis berry on booktv on c-span2. >>> booktv is on facebook. like us to interact with booktv guests and viewers. watch videos and get up to date information on events. ..
the entertainment industry. >>> later this morning president barack obama will name his white house chief of staff jack lew after taking the place of tim geithner. they are preparing for a new confrontation with republicans over debt and deficit. now this is interesting, if jack lew becomes treasury secretary he may want to work on his signature. right now it is a series of curely writing and it will appear on every u.s. treasury bill. tim geithner said he had to change his signature when he got the job to make it legible. >>> they are getting new information about the first homicide victim of 2013. it was outside of a house on tripoli avenue early sunday morning. they now identify him as ivan. they heard a loud argument and then several gunshots and he was pronounced dead at the scene. they are still searching for suspects and there is no word of a possible motive. >>> they now say people who live in san francisco, sonoma and contra costa counties can also participate. organizers will offer $200 for semiautomatic weapons and will also collect violent video games and if there is money left over, t
weapons in the country. >>> another cabinet shake-up in the white house. president obama is expected to name chief of staff jack lou to be the next's next finance chief. the president may make it official by tomorrow. if approved, lou would be the second treasury secretary during his administration. he would replace timothy geithner. lou was a former budget director for president obama and president clinton. >>> for the second time in four decades, now new members will be inducted into major league baseball's hall of fame. among the players up for first ballot star-crossed giants slugger, of course, barry bonds. he only received 36% of the vote from the baseball writers association of america. cy young pitcher roger clemens got 38%. sammy sosa was denied. he only got 12%. all three players were linked to steroids during the storied careers. >>> more than just a sugar rush. still to come, the link between sweet drinks and depression. >> not only nobody came but nobody even bothered to call me. >> well, we have all been there waiting for hours fo
in the announcement at the white house, president obama praised brennan's high standards as an intelligence leader. >> he has worked to imbed our efforts in a strong legal framework. he understands we're a nation of laws. and in moments of debate and decision, he asks the tough questions and he insisted on high and rigorous standards. time and again he has spoken to the american people about our counter-terrorism policies because he recognizes we have a responsibility to be open and transparent as possible. >>> all right. so in the midst of that white house ceremony that was solid and tough stuff about national security, there was one moment of comedy styling, the line of the day goes to leon panetta who is leaving as defense secretary after a long career in washington. he spoke about his retirement plans. >> the time has come for me to return to my wife sylvia, our three sons, their families, our six grandchildren and my walnut farm. dealing with a different set of nuts. >> all right. so the nomination fight over chuck hague that will we're expecting, washington is also dealing with financial mat
'tis of three." and according to the white house president obama has a hand in picking the performers. >>> all right, our singer fantasia will be heading to new orleans for the super bowl. the grammy wanier is set to -- winner is set to headline a gospel concert there. other performers include donny mcclerklin and marlon way januaries. the concert will be held on february 1st. >>> all right, time now for five things to know on this thursday. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky will be back in court today. the lawyers are trying to appeal the sentence saying they didn't have enough time to prepare for the trial last year. >>> and carmelo anthony will be playing with the knicks once again. he's not playing rather. he was suspended by the nba for confronting a celtics' player after the knicks' loss to boston on monday. >>> thymier perry and the reverend sharpton are holding a news conference today about a miss persons case. two men mysteriously disappeared eight years ago after being arrested in florida. >>> a safety alert about using coffee filters while flying. th
obama made a number of nominations to his cabinet, including the current white house chief of staff, jack lew, to head up the treasury department. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states, accompanied by secretary timothy geiger and mr. jacob lew. >> good afternoon, everybody. please have a seat. a little more than four years ago, i stood with mr. tim geithner and denounced him as my first nominee to my cabinet. we were barely two months into the financial crisis. the stock market had greater and the housing market had cratered as well. bank after bank was on the verge of collapse. worst of all, more than 800,000 americans would lose their jobs in just that month. and the bottom was not yet in sight. i could not blamed him when he tried to tell me he was not the right guy for the job. [applause] but i knew that his extensive experience with economic policy made him qualified. i knew he could hit the ground running. he had just spent several sleepless and chaotic weeks emerged in the crisis and had been working closely with his republican predecessor to save the fi
. >>> time is 5:06. vice president joe biden meets today at the white house with representatives of the video game industry about ways to reduce gun violence in the u.s.. the vice president says he will present recommendations from his meetings this week to president obama next tuesday. yesterday the vice president met with representatives from the entertainment industry and from gun owner groups. the president of the national rifle association says he left that meeting disappointed. >> they knew going into this meeting what the president's position on the so-called assault weapon ban is. it's the same position he's taken for years. the vice president said we do this with an open mind. at the meeting we said we have already made up our mind on that. >> the nra says it will not allow law-abiding gun owners to be blamed for the acts of criminals and madmen. gun owners along with supporters of gun control packed a meeting in santa rosa. we'll tell you how their comments could influence gun policy legislation on capitol hill. >>> a former death row inmate accused of killing his own mother is due
: thank you for your service. >> andrea: remember the picture we talked about taken in the white house of obama surrounded by all white men that have some on the left going s. >> look at the picture they released today. president obama, looking at the wop going who the heck are you? look, he has a lot of women in the white house. i got to say i think he is criticized unfairly. he has done a good job of stocking his cabinet and the administration and his campaign with a lot of women. so i actually have to be fair there. you can say a lot about him. he is not diverse is untrue. he is not groping the female employees in the white house like some presidents. father of the year. >> eric: i'll go quickly. this morning on "fox and friends" they talk about dogs loving to watch fox and friends. and e-mail their dog watching "fox and friends." my dog freedom was on. put the picture up. look what someone said in fox, their dog angus. the dog and their kids love fox. he's watching freedom my dog on "fox and friends." put a picture up there. a little secret, though. steve and the family love "the f
president obama got his invite from house speaker john boehner. so now we can all mark our calendars. february 12th, that's when we'll get to see president obama's first state of the union of his second term. what does he want to happen in the second term? how does he plan to get it done? we already had a bit of a preview last week once the fight over the bush tax cuts deal was finished, the president gave a speech in which he laid out five issues he said he was ready to move on with the new congress. the first is ending the war in afghanistan. we found out today how the president plans to move forward on that plan with a surprise announcement that u.s. troops are going to have a mission change, that they'll be taking on a supporting role starting this spring. surprise. as for immigration reform, well, back in november, it was during his first press conference after being reelected that president obama said he would push comprehensive immigration reform, including a pathway to legal status for people without legal records and citizenship for the so-called dream act kids, the dreamers
on a friday night. that's coming up. >>> at the white house this week, president obama had to bid his official goodbye to the only treasury secretary he has ever known as president, tim geithner. and in so doing, president obama uttered a phrase that i have never heard before. i definitely never heard it in washington. but this saying is apparently common inside the u.s. department of the treasury, and it has now been liberated outside of its walls. >> there is an unofficial saying over at treasury -- no peacocks, no jerks, no whiners. that would be a good saying for all of washington. no peacocks, no jerks, no whiners. few embody that ideal better than tim geithner. >> tim geithner looks like he is about to explode with laughter listening to the president say that but the phrase is no peacocks, no jerks, no whiners. i mean jerks and whiners, we all get that. but the peacocks part here i think is a term of art. i don't think they mean peacocks in a generic way, i think they mean in a way that is specific to the treasury. here is what i mean. peacocks as birds are strutters, right? they puff th
are chuck hagel for secretary of defense and white house counterterrorism adviser john brennan for the director of c.i.a. as the president put t they did not seem too travel. >> obama: chuck hagel's leadership would be historic. he would be the first person of enlisted rank to serve as secretary of defense. one of the few secretaries who have been wounded in war and the first vietnam veteran to lead the department. in john brennan, the men and women of the c.i.a. will have the leadership of one of our nation's most skilled not to mention the smarts and strength that he claims comes from growing newspaper new jersey. >> john: that seemed like a nice chris christie shout out for john brennan. chuck hagel, according to our republican friends include opposition to the iraq war search and wanting diplomacy to threats in iran. he mentioned the jewish lobby and hints, i'm quoting a jewish problem. here are how three gap leaders g.o.p. leaders describe the nominee. >> he's wrong on the national issues that face our country today. >> this is an in your face for those who support israel.
and performance. >>> president obama sbre deuced white house chief of staff jack lew as his choice as treasury secretary. the president has been criticized for nominating another white man. we heard comments from new york congressman charlie rangel and new hampshire senator jeanne shaheen. >> it's embarrassing as hell and i kind of think there's no excuse when it's his second term. >> he has places where he could appoint women and i hope he'll take a look and do that. >> cbs news political director john dickerson is in washington. john, good morning. >> good morning, norah. >> all right, so is it all the president's men, as they say for president obama? >> well, right now it looks like it these last three appointments all white males, and this criticism is basically, look, mr. president, you won your election based on the votes of women and minorities so you should respect that in your naming of your cabinet picks. the white house pushes back and says he's only half way through the process, don't judge him so quickly, but if the president's being judged quickly on race and
house, said it was hard to get a deal because boehner had has to prove to his members -- obama has to be destroyed, crushed but john boehner says no, it's all about cutting spending. i don't have an evil bone in my body. bob, it's humiliation still the goal of the republicans or -- >> it is for some. but i don't think it ever was for boehner. i think he's more of a pragmatic moderate. and we'll see if the white house is going to realize it's much better to have a speaker boehner with that mindset than somebody from the tea party or the more extreme right which would just lay down and let the country burn. andrea: mike duffy, who has more leverage here? boehner weakened somewhat by 10 people peeling off in his own caucus and a symbolic and warning gesture or the president who has to face a very tough road? >> i don't want to go against chairman woodward. andrea: i would never go against chairman woodward. >> they have a slightly better hand because the republicans are divided. and not very much like. and the white house calculation, maybe politically, not substantively but political
karzai meets with president obama at the white house. but if past experience is any indicator, agreement may be hard to come by. in 2011, negotiations to leave american trainers in iraq broke down over the immunity question and no u.s. troops remain there. for more on the troop levels after 2014 we get two views: bing west fought in the vietnam war with the marines and served as assistant secretary of defense during the reagan administration. he's traveled frequently to afghanistan and authored eight books including "the wrong war: grit, strategy and the way out of afghanistan." and celeste ward gventer was a deputy assistant secretary of defense in 2006 and 2007. she also served as an advisor to u.s. political and military leaders in iraq. she's now at the university of texas in austin. and we thank you both for joining us. bing west, to you first, is it a good idea to even be considering going to zero troops after 2014? >> judy, i think it's nuts. i think it was a highly injudicious statement. our troops are still fighting there. our senior general just came in and offered three option
to be that transcendent administration. that brought us all together. that is why president obama earned the white house. because he said he was going the great uniter. remember that beautiful inauguration address? it was glorious where he said to conservatives, i want to listen to you especially when we disagree. okay. nice, beautiful. beautiful idea. and he was going meet with conservatives in congress once a week, that was a great idea two. he meet twice. twice, two times. three days after the beautiful speech, the conservatives in congress came to the white house and they had a meeting and eric can cantor, are techlated the conservative perspective on increasing taxes we shouldn't do that. and you know what obama said three days after i want to listen to you? he said eric, i won, you lost, i trump you on that. then about a week later, he said i want the folks who got us in to the mess to do less talking. and a lot more listening. you can talk a little bit. i want you to stay on the sidelines while we try to clean it up for you. unbelievable. gone with any notion of unifying the country of bringing u
has set up a tough, new political fight for the white house. a fight president obama signaled he's ready to have over the plain spoken vietnam veteran. >> willingness to speak his mind, even if it wasn't popular. even if it defied the conventional wisdom. that's exactly the spirit i want on my national security team. >> under fire for his past statements about israel and iran. hagel is now speaking out. told his hometown newspaper "lincoln journal star." the distersions about my record have been astounding. once voicing opposition to unilateral sanctions on iran, hagel says while he was "hanging out there in no man's land unable to respond to charges, falsehoods and indistortions, he admitted they took on a life of their own." he's arguing that there's "not one shred of evidence that i'm anti-israeli. nat one vote that matters that hurt israel." hagel defending his iran stance saying unilateral sanctions, "don't work and just isolate the united states." republican critics many who bitterly remember his split from the iraq war are focusing on iran and israel. >> he's an honorable
. >> bill: all right. so yesterday big day at the white house. president obama he's on a roll with personnel appointments these days. another big ceremony at the white house yesterday in the east room. announcing to the -- presenting to the nation his nominee to be his next treasury secretary tim geithner is finally leaving and the president turned to his former budget chief, now chief of staff soon to be treasury secretary, jack lew. president obama saying too bad to see tim go but we've got a good guy coming in. >> obama: i understand tim is ready for a break. obviously we're sad to see him go. but i cannot think of a better person to continue tim's work at treasury than jack lew. >> bill: and the president said jack's my buddy. good having him around here but higher duty calls. >> obama: i don't want to see him go because it's working out really well for me to have him here in the white house but my loss will be the nation's gain. >> bill: i lost the nation's gain. -- my loss, the nation's gain. one interesting thing this is what's been getting most of the talk about yesterday's nominatio
factor. president karzai and obama will meet at the white house to discuss troop levels and the wish list of military equipment karzai is bringing to washington next week. at the pentagon, jennifer griffin, fox news. >> riots getting out of control in northern ireland. protesters hurling bricks at people in belfast. the cops firing back with water cannons to fend them off. the violent protests in their third day. it started after a decision last month by the city council there to stop flying the british flag year around. such issues of symbolism frequently cause problems in northern ireland. catholics want to unite with the republic of ireland. six tour efforts killed in a snowmobile accident. it's our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> italy. the accident happening at night on an unlit ski slope in the northeast. officials say the snowmobile was pulling a sled pulling russian tour efforts when it slammed into a fence and it happened over into a ditch. investigators say speed is to blame but they are also looking into whether there was a mechanical malfunction. >>> aust
came under g.o.p. fire for praising president obama after hurricane sandy and slamming house speaker john boehner's handling of a sandy aid vote. but christie says, what he did was just part of the job. a spokesman for royal dutch shell says the company will try to drag its drill ship off the rocks of a remote alaska island as soon as it can. the ship is sound, but weather, tides and readiness will determine when they will try to tow t. it ran aground new year's eve after breaking away from its tow ship. it looks like all is not lost for hockey fans. but it needs to be ratified. the national hockey league and its players have reached a tentative agreement for a 10-year deal in a 16-hour-long negotiating session. those are the top stories right now. back to you. >> a lot of hockey fans. a lot of restaurateurs here outside the verizon center are looking for that, probably in nhl cities across america. they have been hurting. >> it is not just the millionaires-- the players and the coach who is stand to benefit from this. it's about the ticket takers, the concession stands and everythin
and in fact here's the image right now. this picture from the white house web site has been making obama and his senior advisers look like the 30-year reunion of the omega theta pi fraternity house. there's valerie jarrett right there. is this a hiccup in the advance of diversity and is it fair of republicans of all people to criticize president obama on a lack of diversity? >> pot calling the kettle white. >> let the man speak! >> john: rachel sklar yannis pappas and -- >> it is not fair that women have to wait to to be acknowledged when photos come out that are 100% white and women say hey just happened to let you know the ratio might be a bit off. people are like oh, what about this bean counting? i ran an organization so i may be familiar with this. it is a common phenomenon across all industries and you did expect a bit more from obama after 2012, after sort of the sea change in the electorate and particular emphasis on women that the cabinet would be a little bit more reflective of the electorate of the country. >> this panel is very white right now. i was expecting it to be more d
suspicious. >> president obama welcomes afghan president karzai to the white house this morning to discuss the future of the united states role in afghanistan. he made the rounds in washington yesterday attending a working dinner with secretary of state hillary clinton and he visited the pentagon where he was greeted by defense secretary panetta and other top military officials. sources say karzai arrived with a wish lit of military equipment including drones and helicopters and other hardware to ensure afghanistan security when nato forces leave at the end of next year. >> frigid out there when you are outside and you need the heater on in the car. >> what a way to wake up. >> what are we facing? >> colder temperatures this morning and colder tomorrow morning. outside i will show what you is going on, a little frost out there driving into work. my thermometer was down to 28 in san ramon valley. from the east bay hills, it is clear. live doppler 7 hd shows a lack of radar but there are a few high clouds right this. that is also helping to keep the temperatures up a little bit in the north
think they have moved beyond that. he is one of the most interesting characters in this white house. he has been at president obama's side. he has designed the white footprints strategy focusing on drones and special forces -- forces. he was involved in the bin laden raid. the big question in my mind is, will he be happy being back at the cia where he spent 25 years. he has been running the operation of all of the american intelligence services in recent years. >> a lot of people do not know who he is. thank theorem much -- thanks very much. among the challenges facing the next defense secretary is getting american combat troops home from afghanistan by 2014. american officials will discuss the trickier details. some reports the actual drawdown is already underway. >> they are cleaning up and clearing out. u.s. marines and their armored vehicles are leaving afghanistan behind and heading back to the states. 30,000 foreign troops left the country last year. this compound holds only a tiny fraction of what is to be returned. it is all going to be sent back home. >> we are not going to lea
house officials tell the "new york times" mr. obama and senate democrats will propose the changes in one comprehensive bill resisting efforts by some republicans to break the overhaul into smaller pieces. for more on these plans i want to bring in nbc's peter alexander what. are you hearing about the single swoop approach to passing immigration reform? >> that first as you noted was reported by the "new york times" this past week reporting to this big ambitious overhaul plan that would be one comprehensive package as opposed to splitting some of these issues up independently as some republicans have been pushing more, thinking it may be more digestible for their base back in their home districts. specifically when it comes to the issue of amnesty or legal status, that's been something heavily fought over. the president insists it's not amnesty. he said among the other elements that would exist in the proposals that are being considered right now, we're hearing from administration officials, are fines and back taxes for those. i think it's about 11 million undocumented workers, illegal im
to have a the next two or three months. >> white house aides say mr. obama plans to move forward the agenda in a timely fashion. leading republicans say in addition to spending and debt, jobs are another top priority, suggesting the gop is slamming on the brakes on the gun issue. lou: thank you very much, as always. our chief congressional correspondent. senate majority leader harry reid apologizing after saying last week that hurricane katrina was nothing in comparison to what happens to the people of new york and new jersey during hurricane sandy. his comments drew a sharp rebuke from republican senator david badger of louisiana. he, today said, we revealed -- he revealed himself to be, and i am quoting, and in the. before anyone can come to his defense, issued a statement saying he simply misspoke. and the supreme court says it will hear oral arguments in late march for two cases affecting gay marriage. the first case argued on the 26 the marched challenges california's proposition eight that forbids same-sex marriage and a set of california. the second is expected to be heard
obama was i did not want to see larry summers in the white house. [laughter] with hillary clinton, until the end of her campaign, there was not a sense of how she could bring her history to bear. it was very much a restoration ist campaign. he fell if you are going to get the clinton administration part 3. -- you felt as if you were going to get the clinton administration part 3. if you feel it was such a crisis and panic at that time as many say it was coming out of the calamitous bush administration into the tar, bringing in a team of rivals as obama talked about, all you had was larry summers and tim geithner. both of them have their control over the policies that led to the crisis. in my mind, that opened the door to the tea party. it opened the door to right-wing populism. people saw in this white house favoritism towards goldman sachs and the banks. the problem was the left populism has not emerged until now. for too long, many felt with the bomb in the white house that things would be sorted out. that is where movements become important. every administration in modern times has ha
over the holidays with her family and is also out of the white house president barack obama called her a tireless champion she is the first hispanic woman to serve in the presidential cabinet. beyonce will perform the national anthem kelly clarkson will sing my country to is of the end james taylor will perform america the beautiful. president obama was involved in the selection of the musicians. the pregnant duchess of cambridge spend time with family royal watchers are left to get what she got from prince william, apparently sources say he is buying a house. we're looking at some interesting weather coming up over the next two or three days. we have 50 we are back down to 35 degrees at the moment. computer models show the moisture coming up we could see rain and perhaps even thunderstorms. on saturday, still cloudy but saturday evening you were looking at perhaps some rain changing over to snow. apple may be developing an iphone that is more affordable there are rumors the phone could be available later this year and it will be smaller and less expensive. monopoly is planning to du
on the precipice of the fiscal cliff. could president barack obama pull america back from the chasm? would house speaker boehner's doomsday machine be stopped in time? who really fathered nancy pelosi's love child? i'm going with eccentric billionaire lucius trent. you know he's also batman. all these questions will be answered but first let's get caught up on what this fiscal cliff is again. i know you've all been holed up on vacation the last three weeks with your wife, two children and life counseling. the fiscal cliff is the economic catastrophe that would occur with the simultaneous expiring of the bush tax cuts and deep across-the-board spending cuts that congress scheduled to kick in january 1 so congress couldn't negotiate a fiscal solution by january 1. confused? let me put it in terms of a 21st century analogy that can crystallize the point of it. pretend america is a successful railroad company. that has fallen on some hard fiscal times. there's an argument within the company about whether to make some changes to the dining car offering, maybe cut fares for less wealthy riders or on t
comforth the second amendment. in the presidential debate there was not a question to romney nor obama about gun control. i do think that the white house in some ways being a bully when it comes to -- they have the bully pulpit. if you have a meeting with a group like the nra getting millions of more members every week, and they walk in a meeting an they're distrustful on what will go to the room, and is strong. rather than say we have a meeting and it's fine. it basically felt it was a prop. >> kimberly: not an accurate statement. they didn't bring in nra on good faith. >> andrea: they are viewed favorably the nra. i think they felt they were going to circumvent them and pressure to bring them in. >> bob: we talked about this after newtown and we said there were a wide variety of things to be considered. mental health, guns, series of other things. the movie violence. they invited in everybody in those categories if mental health to movie violence to the nra. i think shouldn't we not at least give biden and his recommendations a chance to be heard? that was the most inappropriate comm
with graham. sources say president obama will pick white house chief of staff jack lew who would replace tim geithner who will be stepping down. reaction to the news that planned parenthood took many more federal money and performed more abortions last year than ever before. "special report" starts at 6:00 eastern from washington now. back to new york and my colleagues with "th." ♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome backbe to "the five." we have been having great time in the commercial breaks and we'll tell you later on twitter what was said. this is what we're going to talk about now. internships, important ways to get -- no, not that. not that kind of problem with interns. internship is very important. probably all of us had internships along the way. some are paid and some are unpaid. charlie rose had to settle the lawsuit to pay college interns minimum wage, like $250,000 lawsuit. did you intern? >> andrea: i did. >> dana: in addition to working at the diner in >> andrea: yes. >> dana: that is the difference. you two, i am trying to hold it together here. interns, should i go this way over here? did
, they're going to stand with president obama at the white house to accept his nomination for defense secretary and cia director respectively. neither choice is a shock and neither is likely to have an easy go at the senate confirmation process because you know that's coming up. joining me now with the sin sights on this and the expert e expertise, gloria borger and chief national correspondent john king. in the interest of the new year's resolution to be positive, let's start with the pros, gloria borger. let's go over the list with chuck hagel as the starting point. he's a war hero. and he has two purple hearts from vietnam serving alongside of his brother. each of them saving each other's life which is a story unto itself. and he went on to represent a native nebraska in the u.s. senate and now he co-chairs the president's intelligence advisory board. that sounds like a pretty good cv, they say. what's not to like? >> well, if you're in the white house, you say that's the reason his confirmation should be smooth sailing. but, you know, he was a two-term senator and when you're a t
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